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LikeFolio Begins Licensing Brand-Mapping Database

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Likefolio, a website that uses social media connections to introduce investing concepts, recently began licensing its Brand Mapping Database. The database, which maps every publicly-owned brand and product, is aimed to help investors and financial research firms discover new insights.

The Brand Mapping Database is more powerful than ticker symbol searches since it analyzes unstructured content, such as positive and negative sentiment on Twitter. The database can also pull data from sites such as Reddit, Facebook and LexisNexis. As Likefolio founder Andy Swan describes it, the Brand Mapping Database informs investors “what consumers are doing on Main Street before it hits Wall Street.”

The licensed version of the Brand Mapping Database will deliver insights into firms’ existing data feeds and will be available to institutional investors, hedge funds, and quant analysts. Additionally, the company is working on deals with a few undisclosed financial app companies.

Swan debuted the LikeFolio platform along with TD Ameritrade’s Managing Director of Active Trading, Nicole Sherrod, at FinovateSpring 2014. Since then, the company took home a win at the Benzinga Fintech Awards and analyzed stocks based on the social buzz around brands’ 2017 Super Bowl commercials.