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Kalypton Launches Tereon Payment System

This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.


Then, Kalypton debuted its Tereon payment system:
“Tereon was developed for, and proven at scale by, an African bank. 
Tereon is a complete payment ecosystem that can use EMV, operate a closed loop, or support interoperability. It provides flexible instruction processing, and can use existing core systems and settlement processes, for a secure, end-to-end, business process.
It provides payment service providers with a powerful toolkit for rapid innovation to create stream-of-payment services.
All Tereon services meet stringent standards for regulatory compliance and security. We will demonstrate a four-party deployment, supporting payments from phone to phone, phone to card terminal, card to terminal and online.”

Product Launch: February 2013
HQ: London, UK
Founded: 2006
Metrics: Self-funded to date. Still small with <10 staff
Presenting Lars Davies (CEO) and Alun Thomas (Head of Business Development)