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ITSector’s SmartBank TV Offers a Different Way to Access Your Financial Services and Information

This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.
Then, ITSector (Sistemas de Informação) 


launched SmartBank TV:

“SmartBank TV is a product that offers financial services based on the Google TV platform. It is intended to use the global widespread of sales in smart TVs. 

The solution offers a channel for bank customers to access financial services from their TV. The solution offers a different way to receive notifications from their financial provider on the TV, and to access financial services, such as account balance, movements, credit cards and services payments from the TV. It provides a new sales channel for the financial institution with easy process of sale.”

Product Launched: February 2013
HQ: Porto, Portugal with offices in Lisbon (Portugal), Luanda (Angola) and Maputo (Mozambique)
Founded: April 2005
Metrics: €9M in 2012 revenues, 200 employees in 2012
Presenting João Lima Pinto (Director) and Ricardo Osorio (Senior Software Developer)