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InvestorBee Uses Wisdom from the Crowd to Help Users Make Smart Investment Decisions


Next, DCisions took the stage to demo InvestorBee:
“InvestorBee puts data at consumers’ fingertips so they can make smart, confident investments.
        • It’s fact, not opinion. Users can tap into the database to learn from the experiences of other investors.
        • It’s an investment health check. Users can compare their portfolios and multi-asset products with fact-based, relevant benchmarks to understand whether they receive fair value.
        • It’s simple investing without guesswork. Users can choose an objective risk-based strategy to track what’s right for them in a few easy steps.
Our users extract wisdom from the crowd to make better, simpler investment decisions – all for free at InvestorBee.”
Product Launched: December 2011
HQ Location: London, UK
Company Founded: 2005
Metrics: 15 employees, holds data on approximately 1.5 million investors
Introducing Graham Mannion (Managing Director & Founder) and Maya Kuzalti (Director, Product & Analytics)