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In Partnership with Equifax, Zumigo Further Protects Merchants


Online merchants generally rely on a card’s CVV number to protect against fraud, but that 3-digit code is easy for a fraudster to obtain. Today, Zumigo is helping to change that by launching an enhancement to its payment validation service, Assure Payments.

In a partnership with Equifax, the San Jose-based company is making it more difficult for a fraudster to complete an online purchase using stolen card credentials. This ultimately protects merchants against chargebacks.

During the online checkout flow, Zumigo asks the customer to provide information such as name, address, and mobile number. It verifies the credentials by pairing the information against Equifax’s mobile billing records. As a secondary verification method, Zumigo compares the location of the customer’s mobile phone with their IP address and shipping address.

Here’s a sample risk analysis:


When some data points do not match up, as in the example above, the merchant identifies the transaction as high-risk, and is advised to take further measures to verify the purchaser’s identity.

At FinovateSpring 2014, Zumigo launched Assure, which automatically populates forms on behalf of consumers for easy checkout flow or account opening. Both solutions are available to merchants via an API integration into their mobile or web checkout flow.