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HooYu Brings its Identity Verification Technology to EasyMoney

Identity security firm HooYu is partnering with EasyMoney to verify customer identity and improve user experience for the platform’s investors, reports Henry Villar of Fintech Futures, (Finovate’s sister publication).

EasyMoney has launched a range of “innovative finance” ISAs. These contain peer-to-peer (P2P) loans where lenders are matched online with borrowers, cutting out the banks, which allows them to offer substantially higher interest than currently available via traditional ISAs.

“(EasyMoney) aims to make quality financial products more accessible to everyone,” said Andrew de Candole CEO at EasyMoney. “One part of making these products accessible as possible is by making sure we can onboard customers as easily as possible with minimal friction, HooYu Identify enables us to do this.”

David Pope, marketing director at HooYu, commented: “HooYu Identify combines and blends new identity technologies such as digital footprint analysis, online ID document validation and facial biometrics with traditional database checks and PEPS [politically exposed persons] and sanctions screening.”

EasyMoney has picked HooYu’s tech to be implemented throughout the investors’ account opening process and to ensure AML compliance.

The team behind HooYu has built several database check businesses such as and

HooYu is also in charge of other firms’ KYC processes, such as challenger bank Countingup and gold-as-currency enabler Glint.

Founded in 2016, HooYu demonstrated its verification technology at FinovateEurope this spring. The company launched its HooYu Investigate data visualization tool to accelerate investigations and create actionable intelligence earlier this year. In August, the company launched its new website, combining its identity verification and investigation services businesses.