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GoodData Heeds the Call to the Cloud

GoodData Heeds the Call to the Cloud

Analytics company GoodData may have been founded 10 years ago but, as the company recently explained, it is just now exiting stealth mode.

That’s because GoodData is transitioning from focusing on white-labeled OEM analytics, where companies provide self-service insights to their clients, to focusing on Data-as-a-Service (DaaS). As GoodData Founder and CEO Roman Stanek explained, “It takes 10 years to become an overnight success.”

GoodData’s analytics now power over 140,000 businesses across the globe, and the company has spent the past two years building for the next chapter. Starting April 15, GoodData will expand its focus to offer DaaS. The offering transcends “business intelligence” to enable companies to make every decision a data-driven decision.

“Data-as-a-Service is the future of analytics: real-time, governed, secure, and scalable,” Stanek said. “Within the context of DaaS, we are opening our platform and making our experience with large scale analytics, data privacy, security, and operational excellence available for anyone to leverage to build and scale any of their data use cases; from self-service and embeddable analytics, to machine learning and IoT.”

Unlike GoodData’s initial offering, which was limited to running on Rackspace and Vertica, the DaaS platform will be available to companies of all sizes running on any cloud and cloud database. Additionally, the new build focuses on helping users gain insights from the data instead of simply presenting charts that still required significant interpretation.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, GoodData most recently demoed at FinovateFall 2017. The company has received $151 million in funding from 20 investors including Visa Ventures, General Catalyst, and Andreessen Horowitz.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels