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Friday Fun: Bank of America’s New Llama Videos #LLOVEYOURAPP

Bank of America on Wednesday dropped a set of 12 clever video segments called #LLOVEYOURAPP. You can see them all on the BofA YouTube channel. Most have 100 to 200 views, so they are virtually unknown so far. I’m guessing that is about to change as they are pretty clever. For one, a cud-chewing llama is demoing features of the BofA mobile app; for two, they remind me a bit of E*Trade’s baby series that for many years ran in the Super Bowl and elsewhere.

I don’t know what the plan is for them, whether they are to remain a social media play or will eventually run on TV (each one is either 15 or 30 seconds, so made for TV). I first spied them this afternoon via a Google+ promo next to a BofA email newsletter I received yesterday (see screenshot below). And the bank tweeted it once today and replied to a few more with the #LLOVEYOURAPP hashtag.