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Fintonic Links Up with Amazon

Fintonic Links Up with Amazon

Personal finance app Fintonic announced today it will collaborate with Amazon in Spain. Starting next week, Fintonic customers in Spain will be able to finance their purchases ranging from $225 to $1,100 (€200 to €1,000) at a rate of 0% interest for up to four months.

Fintonic Founder and CEO Lupina Iturriaga said, “It’s an exceptional collaboration, as it opens a new way of cooperating between the fintech sector and online distributors, settling new alternatives for users to access e-commerce in beneficial conditions.”

While the idea is similar to point of sale financing, the actual logistics are a bit more complicated. Before making their Amazon purchase, users must first go to the Fintonic app, apply for the credit, and buy an Amazon gift card. The gift card can be used for multiple Amazon purchases and the balance is good for a maximum of ten years.

To apply for the credit, Fintonic users select the gift card amount and choose when they plan to pay the balance. As an underwriting method, Fintonic uses its FinScore, a score between zero and 900 that is determined by more than 160 factors about a user’s creditworthiness. Users with a score of 450 or higher are eligible for the purchase financing.

Founded in 2012, Fintonic is a consumer-focused financial management platform that aggregates all of an individual’s financial accounts to offer a single view of their overall financial health. In addition to helping its 500,000 users keep track of their finances, Fintonic also presents relevant loan and insurance offers through a free brokerage service.

Madrid-based Fintonic has raised almost $30 million, thanks in part to a $28 million round garnered in June of 2017. At FinovateSpring 2016, the company debuted its alerts and inbox system to help users act in a timely manner on their financial needs and recommendations. Earlier this year, Fintonic teamed up with BBVA to boost its in-app lending capabilities, allowing users to borrow up to $39,400.