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FinovateSpring Sneak Peek: ID R&D

A look at the companies demoing live at FinovateSpring on May 8 through 10, 2019 in San Francisco, California. Register today and save your spot.

ID R&D’s SafeChat delivers the world’s first zero-effort authentication for mobile and web banking apps, providing the best possible user experience with higher security.


  • No effort for users to authenticate; simply use the app normally
  • Multi-modal biometrics provide strong confirmation of identity
  • Authentication occurs on each transaction, increasing security

Why it’s great
Low effort, biometric-based authentication will become the standard for all banking apps.


Alexey Khitrov, President
Khitrov’s recognition of user frustration and weak security in current authentication processes led him to use his deep experience in biometrics to found ID R&D.

John Amein, VP of Sales
Amein has many years of experience in biometrics, contact centers, and telecommunications. He has helped several tech companies grow rapidly.