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FinovateFall Sneak Peek: Modo

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The Modo Digital Payments Hub is an awesome way to design and manage the full lifecycle of digital payment transactions across the global payments ecosystem. Oh, and it’s COIN operated.


Modo Digital Payments Hub components:

  • Payments system connectors
  • Payments transactions
  • Credentials vault
  • Digital experiences

Why it’s great
Modo’s patented COIN delivers value from any source to any destination, without requiring partners to modify their systems.ModoPresenter1


Bruce Parker, CEO of Modo
Parker is a self-declared #paymentsgeek, and has created new products, built partnerships, and shaped strategy that has moved the payments industry. In some cases, to tears.

Aaron Wilkinson, Chief Architect of ModoModopresenter2
Wilkinson has a decade and a half of experience in Software Engineering starting with a foundation of real-time embedded software for high-end military vehicles and branching out to many other fields, ranging from user interfaces to software architecture to web services.