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FinovateFall Sneak Peek: Featurespace

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FF2016-Logo-wdate-largeA look at the companies demoing live to 1,500+ fintech professionals on 8/9 September 2016. Register today.

Featurespace is the world leader in adaptive behavioral analytics delivered via ARIC Fraud Hub, a real-time, machine learning, fraud management system that understands individual behaviors.


  • Monitor real-time digital customer behavior across the end-to-end lifecycle
  • Improve fraud detection during onboarding, account activity, transactions
  • Increase revenue acceptance from genuine customers by 70%

Why it’s great
ARIC Fraud Manager’s new In-Session Behavior online monitoring enables financial institutions to protect their customers across the end-to-end lifecycle, while accepting more revenue.


Presenter: Matt Mills, Commercial Director
Mills is responsible for the commercial team at Featurespace. He is the former global head of partnerships and innovation at Aurasma, where he previously worked with Martina King (Featurespace CEO).