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FinovateFall Sneak Peek: Clinc

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FF2016-Logo-wdate-largeA look at the companies demoing live to 1,500+ fintech professionals on 8/9 September 2016. Register today.

Clinc will demo the first intelligent financial assistant that allows users to talk to their bank accounts, and get instant, accurate, and personalized answers to common and complex questions.


  • Ask Clinc anything about your financial status and it understands
  • Clinc integrates seamlessly with existing mobile apps
  • Clinc boosts loyalty and wallet share, and reduces customer call

Why it’s great
Clinc is not based on a set of user commands or hard-coded Q&A. Users can ask whatever they want and Clinc understands. It can scale up to answer an unbounded number of questions about personal finance.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.27.48 PMPresenters

Dr. Jason Mars, CEO of Clinc and Professor at University of Michigan
Mars has devoted his career to solving difficult real-world problems with AI at scale both in academia as a professor of computer science at University of Michigan, and in industry as CEO of Clinc.
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Johann Hauswald, VP of Engineering
Hauswald is a co-founder of Clinc. He is highly experienced in system design and AI, and lead both the development of Lucida and in building the most sophisticated AI platform at Clinc.