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FinDEVr Preview: Paradigm4, PayNearMe, Personal Capital, StockTwits, and Tradier


Here’s Part Three of our final preview of the companies that will be demoing their technologies on Tuesday, September 30, Day One of FinDEVr. In this installment, we look at:

Click here for Part One. Part Two is available here.
FinDEVr is less than a week away. But there’s still time to get your tickets and save your spot.


Paradigm4 develops and supports SciDB: the open source, analytic DBMS; programmable from R & Python. SciDB is designed from the ground up to support more facile data management for Big and Diverse data and to do faster and bigger math. Hard questions. Fast answers. Open source.

Keynote: Crypto-Currency and Massive Network Analysis
We’ll begin with a graphical overview of a crypto-currency financial network, discuss the key issues and challenges around massive network analysis and then demonstrate our solution using SciDB via the RStudio user interface.
Why it’s great for developers:
More data science, less computer science with SciDB:
  • Horizontally scalable on commodity HW
  • Massively parallel matrix math
  • Programmable from R or Python
Big analytics without big hassles. Hard questions. Fast answers. Open source.


PayNearMe enables consumers to pay rent, repay loans, buy tickets, make online purchases, and do much more with cash. Consumers can make cash payments in their own neighborhood in less than 60 seconds through PayNearMe’s network of 17,000 authorized payment locations including 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, and ACE Cash Express stores.

Keynote: Bringing Cash Payments into the 21st Century
PayNearMe secrets unveiled. Why do we even bother with innovating cash? How we developed a system to digitize cash? And how modern development techniques laid the foundation for PayNearMe to become the fastest growing electronic cash transaction network?
Workshop: Strong But Agile: Innovation When Money is On the Line
Innovation in fintech happens faster than ever. When working with other people’s money, there is no room for error. How do you build teams and systems that are flexible for agile product development and rigid for security and reliability? What’s the relevance of historical payment systems? And what about Bitcoin?
Why it’s great for developers:
  • Supports endless number of payment use-cases including mobile, web, printed, and embedded barcodes.
  • Offers real-time communication path and various payment authorization options
  • Multiple implementation paths
The PayNearMe cash transaction platform is extremely flexible, handles the heavy lifting for merchants, and can plug into a large array of payment use cases.


Personal Capital helps people live better financial lives with technology-enabled advisory services as well as free financial software and educational content. Their award-winning apps enable you to effortlessly view your entire financial life in one place. Personal Capital brings to everyone wealth management that previously only the wealthiest could afford.

Keynote: The Art of Data Aggregation
This presentation is for developers and engineers who build applications on top of data gathered from multiple sources. The objective of our data aggregation platform is to model (and report) a user’s complete financial life.
We share the three key architectural principles that have made this platform possible:
  • Owning the aggregated data to improve quality
  • Synthesizing data and developing machine learning intelligence to obtain unique insights
  • Developing APIs that hide data complexities to drive efficient UI development
Why it’s great for developers:
  • Better data quality by owning collected data
  • Unique insights via data synthesis & machine learning intelligence
  • Efficient UI development via APIs that hide data complexities
We create complex models of a user’s financial life using a rich data aggregation platform and present it to the user in a simple and straightforward way.


StockTwits is a social network and publishing platform for investors and traders. We created the $ prefix of stocks (e.g. $MSFT). Follow @StockTwits and go to stock of real-time ideas and stock conversations.

Keynote: Investing in a Social, Local and Mobile World
We are in a mobile boom that has connected people who also happen to be investors. The markets have always been giant mood rings, but the periods of quiet and volatility are more intense. We’re discussing the best ways to use StockTwits to invest in the social era.
Why it’s great for developers:
  • Get caught up on what stocks and markets are trending fast
  • Follow smart people that speed your financial markets learning curve
  • Leverage relationships to make money
Our mobile apps are easy to use and the trending ticker along with our suggested list make staying in tune with markets easy and doable in 10-20 mi
nutes a day.


Tradier is a financial services cloud provider that offers a groundbreaking solution to serve platform providers, developers, and investors. The Tradier solution features an innovative set of fully hosted APIs, modules, and “out of the box” tools that are leveraged by a growing list of providers.

Keynote: An API Like Never Before – Do What Matters and the Rest Is Already Done
Have you ever tried to build a financial market app? It is painful and just about impossible. Too much data, trading, platform and process barriers. Tradier has done all that heavy lifting for you. An API that abstracts the pain and delivers the gain.
Why it’s great for developers:
  • Free developer access (no brokerage account required)
  • Historical market data going back nearly 30 years
  • A Broker who does not compete against you
Removal of barriers to financial market app innovation. Ease of implementation with fully-supported APIs.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our FinDEVr Preview series. We’ll be back in a week with our preview of companies presenting and holding workshops on Day Two / October 1 of FinDEVr.

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