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Cymonz Enables Financial Institutions to Integrate Currency Exchange and International Payment Services Into Their Platform

This is a part of our live coverage of FinovateSpring 2013.


Next, Cymonz demoed how its software can enable financial institutions to integrate currency exchange and international payments services into their platform:
“The Cymonz application includes a client transactional website and the back office management application with specific currency and international payment business processes, customization and integrations. The application addresses a wide spectrum of needs, including client management, currency transactions, risk management, settlements and compliance. 
Cymonz integrates with third party applications and can be configured to allow for liquidity, payments, customer service as well as anti money laundering, marketing and support tasks. 
iOS and Android applications are also available along with the ability for you to white label your currency application and provide it to your partners to increase currency and payment flows.”  
Product Launch: July 2012
HQ: Christchurch, New Zealand
Founded: January 2012
Presenting Simon Lynch (CEO)