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CREALOGIX Purchases AI and Machine Learning Tech from Koemei

Swiss digital banking company CREALOGIX has bolstered its AI and machine learning capabilities with the acquisition of new technology from Koemei.

CREALOGIX will leverage Koemei’s technology that uses automated speech recognition (ASR) to convert audio, podcast, and video content into text data, which facilitates cross-media search capabilities. The platform is scalable for large, multimedia datasets and uses machine learning to analyze and optimize multimedia content. The University of Geneva has used Koemei’s technology to process 5,000+ hours of lectures, integrating the content with user-friendly text document searches.

To suit its business needs, CREALOGIX is adapting Koemei’s technology to suit the requirements of its customers by offering concept search, content analytics and statistics. Urs Widmer, CEO of Digital Learning at CREALOGIX, said that the new technology “is helping to secure added value and a competitive edge for our customers.”

Founded in 1996, CREALOGIX most recently demoed its Predictive Banking in Virtual Reality solution at FinovateEurope 2017 in London, where it won Best of Show. The company’s Marc Stähli, Head of Sales and CMO, and Eszter Vass, Sr. Product Strategy and Presales Consultant, showed how an immersive VR environment can better engage users to become involved in their personal finances. In July, CREALOGIX was recognized at The Goodacre Systems in the City Awards and last month was recognized by Wealth and Finance International for its digital financial advisory solution.