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C.K. Mack Uses Rental Real Estate to Give You a Higher ROI


Next, C.K. Mack demonstrated how its platform can provide investment returns using rental real estate:

“C.K. Mack brings the returns generated by rental real estate to the online investing market. With the beta launch of our investment platform, accredited and institutional investors will be able to sign up, log in, and invest as little as $25 in the cash flow of rented property. This opportunity will be open to all investors as soon as we have SEC approval. 

Our website offers investors several high-equity properties, along with due diligence information so investors can balance anticipated return on investment with a comfortable risk level. C.K. Mack’s new web platform opens the historically-popular field of real estate to a broad audience, allowing unprecedented diversification and stellar returns.”

Product Launched: September 2012
HQ Location: Billings, MT
Company Founded: July 2012
Twitter: @_CKMack
Finovate demo (demo video will be posted next week)
Introducing Linda Schicktanz (Founder & CEO) and Marcus Zoeller (Co-Founder & CTO)
Disclosure: I am related to the founder of this company.