Solve Finance Unveils Latest Debt Management Partnerships

Solve Finance Unveils Latest Debt Management Partnerships
  • Solve Finance has partnered with credit analysis tool ScoreNavigator and home financing ecosystem
  • The company’s Debt Optimizer is helping its customers understand their debt-to-income ratio (DTI), and ultimately qualify for financing.
  • The company is teaming up with to launch a feature to optimize consumers’ home-buying power.

Solve Finance recently unveiled two new fintech partners. The New York-based company has tied up with credit analysis tool ScoreNavigator and home financing ecosystem

Solve Finance’s technology will help ScoreNavigator’s clients navigate their credit journey by looking at more than just their credit score. The company’s Debt Optimizer tool also shows them their debt-to-income ratio (DTI), a key metric in receiving a mortgage or refinancing an existing property.

“By partnering with Solve Finance, our members will get a complete analysis of their DTI, along with a plan to help them qualify for financing,” said ScoreNavigator CEO Rusty Bresse. “Solve Finance is making it easier for our members to navigate home finance by aligning incentives and automating the best possible borrowing outcomes with data and AI. We couldn’t be more pleased with this recent partnership.”

“Home affordability is especially tough in today’s environment, and we can’t wait to add a path to make the best-possible borrowing outcomes available to everyone,” added Solve Finance CEO Sean Hundtofte.

Solve Finance has also partnered with home financing platform by launching a feature to optimize consumers’ home-buying power. The new tool helps shift debt burdens and optimize up-front and monthly liquidity. Solve Finance reports it has been able to increase the mortgage users are able to afford by over 20%.

“This strategic alliance combines Solve Finance’s innovative financial technology and expertise with Better Mortgage’s innovative lending solutions,” the company said in a statement. “This partnership has significantly reduced the financial barriers to homeownership. This collaboration exemplifies Solve Finance’s commitment to driving financial inclusion and ensuring homeownership is attainable and affordable for individuals and families.”

This feature is currently in a pilot stage with mortgage lenders and homebuying platforms across the country. Ultimately, Solve Finance hopes to address consumers’ confusion about how much home they can afford in today’s interest rate environment and tackle financial exclusion in homeownership.

Solve Finance, which demoed at FinovateSpring 2022, was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in New York. The company’s Debt Optimizer tool, which is available as an API or as a direct-to-consumer platform, leverages real-time market and credit data to serve as a financial debt advisor and save users money.

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FinovateSpring 2022 Sneak Peek: Solve Finance

FinovateSpring 2022 Sneak Peek: Solve Finance

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Solve Finance automates better borrowing. Its Debt Optimizer combines real-time price transparency and enriched credit data with financial intelligence.


  • Increase mortgage approval rates by optimizing credit usage (DTI) of potential borrowers
  • Tailored solutions with live market data
  • Free, prequalified leads for lenders in marketplace

Why it’s great

Grow customers with customizable roboadvice for borrowing.


Sean Hundtofte, CEO & Co-Founder
Hundtofte has dedicated his 20+ year career to consumer finance, most recently as an executive at Better Mortgage, in research at the NY Fed, and with a PhD in household finance.