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Brokertainment’s StockBattle Lets Users Engage in Social Betting on Stocks

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Then, iBrokr AG shared Brokertainment, its fast-paced version of betting on stock market indices:

“StockBattle allows social betting on stocks or capital markets indices. StockBattle could be also described as “user created risk”. Example: Person A thinks oil will decrease in its value today between 12:00 and 12:30 and bets €2 on that. Person B thinks the opposite and counters that battle also with €2. At 12:30, we know who gets €4 (minus the transaction fee).”

Product Launched: Beta: October 2011

HQ Location: Munich, Germany
Company Founded: January 2010
Metrics: 100% subsidiary of Fidor Bank AG, 4 employees (including IT), roughly 30,000 registered members generated revenues in 2011 (the first full year of testing the trading applications) above €100k less than €10k in Marketing/Sales.

Presenting Christian Hampp (Director) & Michael Rolph (Director)