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BlinkMobile Interactive’s Platform Offers Enterprises a Cheaper, Efficient Alternative to Access Interactive Systems


Starting up the final session, BlinkMobile Interactive showcased its Blink Mobility Platform:

“Our innovative Blink Mobility Platform is a radical new Platform-as-a-Service, underpinned by a fundamentally new software architecture called the Interaction-oriented Architecture. The power behind this approach is the ability to rapidly build, deploy, and manage new intuitive and intelligent systems for staff and customers, utilising existing web-based information and business systems. 

The interaction-oriented approach focuses only on what the specific user needs and has the ability to contextualise data depending on time, location, authority, weather, etc. BlinkMobile services are also accessible on all internet enabled devices, from smartphones to tablets, kiosks, smart appliances and SMS-only phones.”
Product Launch: October 2012
HQ: Gosford, NSW, Australia
Founded: July 2005
Product Demoed: Blink Mobility Platform 3.0
Finovate demo video: Demo videos will be posted next week
Introducing Stu Garrow (Managing Director, TechInject)