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Beehive Credit Union Uses Blogging Platform to Create Custom Websites for Each Branch

image Salt Lake City's Beehive Credit Union is launching eight microsites, one for each of its eight branches. The sites are based on a blogging template and are nearly identical.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the only differences are:

  • Branch name and photo across the top
  • Branch name inserted into various headlines and copy throughout the site
  • Contact Us page lists only the specific branch

URLs are based on the main site, with the branch/city name in place of the "www":

What it means
The Beehive sites illustrate two trends: 

  • Developing a full Web presence from a blogging template
  • Creating custom websites for geographic areas or individual branches

While I like what Beehive is doing, I hope they take it to the next level and create a more customized experience by letting branch employees add content themselves or at least control some aspects of the microsites.

The CU is working with Listpipe for content creation. Thanks to Jeffry Pilcher for the find.

Beehive South Jordon site (1 July 2008)

Beehive Credit Union South Jordan site

Beehive Taylorsville site (1 July 2008)

Beehive Credit Union Salt Lake City Taylorsville site July 2008