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BankersLab Introduces Simulation Gaming for Retail Bank Risk Managers


Second up in this session, BankersLab demonstrated an exciting way for retail bankers to learn technical skills and concepts:

“CreditLab is simulation gaming for retail bank risk managers. The launch Web App product supports team competition in a facilitated learning environment and when offered as an institutional license, future versions will support multiplayer online competition and individual seat license. Is it e-learning? Thankfully, no. Is it Angry Birds for bankers? Regrettably, no. It is engaging, but designed to reinforce important skills and technical concepts. That’s right – flight simulators for bankers! CreditLab focuses on credit risk management skills, pitting teams against each other to make tough choices and tradeoffs with their portfolios.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: Seoul, Korea
Company Founded: March 2011
Metrics: BankersLab is a privately held firm, with multiple institutional client sites signed prior to product launch or demo.
Introducing Kurt Gingher (CTO) and Gail Galuppo (CMO)