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FinDEVr Live: Authy Shows Two-factor Authentication in 20 Minutes

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AuthyFor security-aware companies, Authy Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) provides a proven fast-to-implement, highly scalable, and reliable alternative to passwords. Offering an intuitive user experience and a powerful API for developers, Twilio’s Authy 2FA is used by more than 10,000 websites and apps serving millions of new economy and fintech consumers the way they like their apps: single touch with self service. Our cloud-access solutions are beloved by our users and promise to bring 2FA to all apps and users.

Authy 2FA in 20 minutes
In this session, we’ll share some of the pitfalls of 2FA projects and how Authy and Twilio tackle these issues. We’ll show you with live coding that no special security know-how is required to add SMS/Voice, SoftToken and Push-style 2FA to your project with as few as three lines of code using either REST, or a library for your favorite language. The Authy REST API takes care of the tedious details like key management, secure data structuring, intelligent SMS routing, client components, push notifications, and user self-service for phone number or device changes.

Key takeaways:

  • Possible key reasons to switch to non-password Authy instead of building in-house
  • 2-factor authentication options offered by Authy can be done using their code or our language
  • How quickly Authy can be added to our apps and users



Dan Killmer, Lead Solutions Architect | 917-426-4857
Dan Killmer is a technical presales professional with 25 years of experience building customer confidence by demonstrating, architecting and proving technology solutions, encompassing a large spectrum of technologies.