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Access Development Launches PowerDeals


Afterwards, Access Development unveiled PowerDeals, a loyalty rewards program, for the first time:

“Access is proud to debut PowerDeals, a micro-redemption rewards engine that increases engagement and loyalty while lowering the cost per point for financial institutions. Studies show that the more frequently consumers transact with rewards programs, the more loyal they become. However, the costs associated with driving this behavior have led many FIs to implement lower earn rates, higher redemption hurdles, and expiration strategies. 

PowerDeals allows consumers to redeem their loyalty currency for deals at thousands of in-store and online merchants for a fraction of the face value. By presenting highly attractive, relevant offers with low redemption hurdles, PowerDeals produces more transactions – thereby boosting the program’s impact on loyalty – while the low cost per offer to administrators can help to dramatically reduce program costs and accrual liability.”

Product Launched: May 9, 2012
HQ Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Company Founded: 1984
Metrics: Access has nearly 300,000 merchant partners, including 115,000 on the Access Mobile Network, over 300 clients who collectively represent more than 15 million members, 150 employees and zero debt. Access is self-funded.
Introducing Kelly Passey (EVP Business and Product Development) and Bryce Benson (Operations Manager, Product & Bus Dev)