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70 Fintechs Founded by African Americans

70 Fintechs Founded by African Americans

It’s the first day of Black History Month, and this year’s theme is Resistance. We’ll be serving up related coverage all month, and today’s piece sets the scene.

In an effort to highlight Black founders in our industry, we gathered a list of 70 fintechs with Black founders. This is far from an exhaustive list of fintechs with African American founders, but it is a good representation of diverse, relevant* companies.

Esusu Financial

Helps users build credit through renting
Founders: Abbey Wemimo, Jeph Acheampong, Robert Henning, Samir Goel


Helps reduce delinquencies and increase revenue while helping people pay off debt sooner and with fewer penalties
Founders: Diana Frappier, Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

Juniper Square

Empowers general partners and limited partners to focus on building enduring relationships and investment opportunities
Founders: Adam Ginsburg, Alex Robinson, Yonas Fisseha


Provides a payment infrastructure for global merchants and payment service providers
Founders: Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Olugbenga Agboola

Gig Wage

Offers a payroll company for gig workers and contractors
Founder: Craig Jamal Lewis


Enables secure and seamless data transmission using the ultrasonic data technology
Founders: Chris Ostoich, Chris Ridenour, Josh Glick, Nikki Ridenour, Rodney Williams


Offers business loans, SBA loans, and commercial real estate loans for small business owners
Founder: Everett Sands


Provides a financial advice platform that powers SmartAdvisor, a marketplace connecting consumers to financial advisors
Founders: Michael Carvin, Philip Camilleri


Provides a next-generation, education-first banking experience for families
Founder: Tanya Van Court


Offers alternative data sets for data-driven investing
Founders: Gregory Ugwi, Justin Zhen


Provides an online marketplace that connects investors and operators of real estate
Founders: Jared Kushner, Joshua Kushner, Ryan Williams


Allows users to invest in private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds with no minimum. 
Founder: Dakotah Rice


Transforms your debit card into a credit card
Founders: Carl-Alain Memnon, Christian-Robert Joseph, Patrick De Suza


Provides personalized investment management services that lets companies embed investment accounts into their services.
Founder: David Dindi


Offers a social investing platform where you can talk about investments with friends and make trades on the market.
Founders: Darian Bhathena, Jack Phifer, Michael Liu, Roger Cawdette


An all-in-one platform that offers financial tools to help creators grow their business
Founders: Arabian Prince, Chris Mendez, Chris Schwartz, James Jones Jr.


Provides income-constrained individuals with wealth-building cash advances
Founders: Mitchell Jones, Sheridan Clayborne


Helps accountants and finance professionals eliminate lease accounting errors through its CPA-approved lease accounting software
Founder: George Azih


Offers a payment acceptance tool called TAP AND PAY
Founders: Alpesh Patel, Benjamin Aubin Jr., Terell Canton

Agent IQ

Provides a personal, digital customer engagement platform for community banks and credit unions.
Founders: Craig Davis, Slaven Bilac


Develops a personal financial platform that improves the financial behaviors of underbanked communities
Founder: Wole Coaxum


Provides a SaaS-enabled market network and workflow management platform for accounting services
Founders: Anees Pretorius, Cono Onorato


Provides a modern financial operating system for construction, maintenance, and repair contractors
Founders: Jose Pons Vega, Wil Eyi

Material Impact Fund

Builds deep tech companies powered by material science
Founders: Adam Sharkawy, Carmichael Roberts

SoLo Funds

Provides a community finance platform where members request and fund emergency needs
Founders: Jarrel Carter, Rodney Williams, Taylor Bruno, Travis Holoway


Modernizes central banks for financial inclusion and resilience
Founder: Carmelle Cadet


Offers a lending platform that provides short-term financing to qualified TV and Film productions
Founders: Janelle Alexander, Jon Gosier, Josh Harris, Mickey Vetter

Sika Health

Provides payment solutions for the healthcare sector
Founder: Ami Kumordzie


Offers an AI Financial Planner for underserved Americans
Founders: Gray Hoffman, Guy Assad, Sebastian Wigstrom


Helps Africans get credit, invest, get health insurance, and make payments
Founders: Akin Jones, Wale Akanbi


Helps essential professionals buy homes and build financial security near the communities they serve
Founded: Alex Lofton, Jesse Vaughan, Jonathan Asmis


Helps homeowners rebuild faster after natural disasters by paying general contractors up front
Founder: Demetrius Gray

Now Account Network

Provides a B2B payment system designed to help small businesses to manage their payment transactions
Founders: Lara Hodgson, Stacey Abrams


Offers delivery workers digital banking tools and tools to improve their efficiency
Founders: Hantz Févry, Pierre Frederic Mombeleur, Semih Korkmaz


Provides a peer-to-peer lending platform that facilitates loans between family, friends, and loved ones
Founders: Anna Matilde Tanga, Brian Bristol


Offers a relationship-based lending application that simplifies and automates loans between friends, family, and trusted relationships.
Founders: Dennis Cail, Michael Seay


Helps consumers achieve their financial goals by combining financial education and automation
Founders: Christian Zimmerman, Nate Washington


Provides a digital banking and networking platform designed by and for Black small business owners
Founder: Kelly Ifill


Provides embedded trade solutions for Africa
Founders: Felix Orwa, Meka Este-McDonald, Scott Yacko

Chipper Cash

Offers mobile, cross-border money transfer services
Founders: Ham Serunjogi, Maijid Moujaled


Provides a rewards and loyalty infrastructure for banks and businesses in Africa
Founders: Harshal Gandole, Madonna Ononobi, Simeon Ononobi, Suraj Supekar


Offers a digital payment platform for the logistics industry
Founders: Akmann Van-Mary, Ryan Droege, Spencer Barkoff


Offers small-dollar credit lines built on bank and alternative data
Founders: Andy Burke, Kevin Bass, Max Klein


Democratizes access to tax records for business services companies
Founder: Matthew Parker

Home Lending Pal

Offers an Automated Mortgage Advisor that simulates buying a home with multiple lenders to determine mortgage approval odds and affordability impact based on lifestyle
Founders: Bryan Young, Steven Better, Tim Roberson


Provides an operating system for active investment management, powering investment products, and experiences for retail investors
Founders: Clayton Gardner, Joe Percoco, Max Bernardy


Offers an offline distribution network for market research and financial services
Founders: Damilola Ayorinde, Oluwatomi Ayorinde


Provides intelligent financial modeling tools leveraging transaction-level data
Founder: Fady Hawatmeh


Offers an online bank for small businesses with built-in accounting software 
Founders: Frantz Romain, Vin Montes


Provides an investing platform that allows users to build risk-managed investment portfolios aligned with their interests
Founder: Michael Haddix Jr.


Creates products that deliver a collaborative cash experience for group transactions
Founders: Boateng Opoku-Yeboah, Landon Vago-Hughes, Tunde Alao


Offers a global split payment platform built for co-creators on any project, anywhere
Founders: Adam Clabaugh, Mangesh Bhamkar, Marcus Cobb, Rachel Knepp

Ovamba Solutions

Help SMEs in Africa and other emerging markets grow by providing them with short term capital
Founders: Marvin R. R. Cole, Viola Llewellyn


Enables lenders to open more accounts by showing users the actions necessary to meet eligibility for their financial goals
Founders: Abb Kapoor, David Potter

Greenwood Bank

Offers  a digital banking platform for Black and Latinx people and business owners
Founders: Andrew Young, Michael Render, Ryan Glover


Offers modern technologies and solutions through digital banking and faster payments
Founders: Eli Polanco, Philippe Legault


Provides an AI-powered 401K alternative stock investing platform helping everyday investors retire early
Founders: Ben Malena, Johnathon Albercrombie, Lakeisha Turner, Ronnie Green

Business Score

Connects online businesses with funding options
Founder: Rich Serunjogi

My Home Pathway

Develops new pathways to help traditionally risk-challenged U.S. consumers purchase their dream home
Founder: Castleigh Johnson

The Wealth Factory

Offers financial literacy education games, curriculum, and fintech products
Founders: Angel Rich, Courtney Keen, Harjeet Singh


 Offers a lending platform that provides up to $250k to revenue-generating women-led businesses
Founders: Roshawnna Novellus, Tiara Zolnierz


Partners with mortgage lenders to offer a seamless digital homebuying experience for their clients
Founders: Frederick Townes, Marcos Carvalho, Mauro Repacci


Provides a financial wellness platform that helps people to live happier lives while helping businesses increase profits
Founder: Dani Pascarella


Offers a cross-border health marketplace for global migrants 
Founder: Samuel Baddoo


Creates a smart wallet that uses for payment processors and financial institutions
Founder: Hanoi Morillo


Helps reduce household student debt in the U.S.
Founder: David Adefeso


Helps users build credit with everyday payments and subscriptions
Founders: Ayush Jain, Michael Broughton


Gives users up to 15% cashback on their everyday shopping and provides banking services
Founders: Daricus Releford, Phani Mullapudi, Sheetal Ravi


Helps people take control of their financial future
Founders: Deji Jimoh, Trilliam Jeong

*We determined relevancy using CB Insights’ CB Rank.

Photo by RODNAE Productions