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Zopa Credit Union Partners Give it Top Billing

In researching our latest report on P2P lending, we visited the websites of Zopa's six credit union partners to see how they were promoting, and explaining, the relatively complicated new product. Overall, they gave Zopa surprising prominence. Five of the six mention it on their homepages, with three of those running large banners, usually in rotation with other offers (see list below as observed on Dec. 6). USA Federal Credit Union is the lone holdout, with no mention of Zopa on its website so far.

  • Addison Avenue FCU ==> Square ad on right side of hompage
  • Affinity Plus FCU ==> Banner on homepage 
  • First Tech CU ===> Two places on homepage, banner in the middle rotating with
        four offers and square box on right (see screenshot below)
  • FORUM CU ===> Small graphic and link on bottom of homepage
  • Provident CU ==> Banner on homepage rotating with four offers 
  • USA Federal CU ==> Not mentioned on website
  • Analysis
    I understand why the credit unions are featuring their Zopa relationship. It's new, it's different, it's exciting and the helping-others message fits right in with the holiday spirit. However, for the most part, the program is woefully under-explained when clicking through the banners. I have to believe the most common member reaction to seeing the Zopa product info is, "Huh?"

    It must lead to some interesting conversations on the phone and in the branch. Some of which may result in sales, so it's not all bad. But I don't think the ultimate purpose of partnering with Zopa is to confuse members to the extent that they call. There are easier ways to do that.

    First Tech CU has two images on its homepage, both emphasizing Zopa's core message of helping. And the educational aspect is helpful (see screenshot below).

    Addison Avenue CU takes a light-hearted approach on its homepage ad, saying:

    Introducing Zopa (And no, it isn't a new energy drink)

    And Addison Avenue does the best job explaining the service, although I still think it raises more questions than it answers.