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What’s the Next Big Thing in Financial Services? Ideas from FinovateFall and Beyond

Finovate conferences are all about innovation and “what’s next” in financial services. At the recent FinovateFall conference miiCard Founder and CEO, James Varga, compiled thoughts and ideas of people from all places in the industry

The following clip is the first installment of his two-part series, detailing current trends in the fintech industry. In it, participants are asked, “What’s the next big thing in financial services?”


Here is just a taste of the responses:
  • “Large-value transactions online, such as real estate transactions”
  • “Personalized financial services including social payments and social authentication”
  • “Mobile as primary interface with the customer”
  • “Shifting of lending risk away from banks and to more flexible, non-bank lenders”
  • “Giving customers a fantastic experience and capitalizing on it by making revenues from those customers”

Watch the video for more from the presenters, sponsors, attendees of FinovateFall.

The second piece in the series, Predictions for 2020 and Beyond will come next week so stay tuned.