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Wallaby Financial Teams Up with to Launch WalletUp

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Do you know which combination of credit cards is best for you? Wallaby wants to help.

Wallaby Financial has announced that it has partnered with to provide a new service called WalletUp. WalletUp leverages Wallaby’s technology to identify what the company calls the “ideal mix of credit cards” to help consumers get better rewards and save money. 

Using the app is pretty straightforward. Add your cards into the app, pick your preferences (airline miles, cashback, other rewards), and WalletUp does the rest: comparing your credit card “portfolio” to another mix that might better suit your needs.
A short FAQ accompanying the announcement anticipates the question of how WalletUp differs from Wallaby’s Wallet Boost. And, in short, the answer is As Wallaby notes, has significant access to credit card offers and rewards made available, for example, as part of sign-up bonuses – which can then be part of the “ideal credit card mix” calculation. This gives WalletUp functionality that Wallet Boost does not have.
WalletUp is free and available from Check out the app for yourself here. is owned by the Bankrate Online Network, an online credit card market that boasts of more than one million unique web visitors each month.
Wallaby Financial was founded in August 2011, and is located in Pasadena, California. Co-founders Matthew Goldman and Todd Zino are CEO and CTO, respectively. The company demoed its Wallet Boost technology at FinovateSpring 2013. See the technology in action here.