FinovateAsia 2018 / Cashoff

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: We are a UK-based company rapidly expanding our business into the European, Asian and Russian and CIS markets.

By gathering and analysing consumers’ financial data and enhancing our bankround cloud-based service with AI and blockchain, we’ve learned how to translate the power of state of the art technologies and our team’s passion about what we do into incredibly brainy and profit boosting solutions for banks and exceptional UX for their customers.

30 banks worldwide including major ones with 10M+ customers are reaping benefits with increased loyalty, transactional activity and new revenue streams delivered by our white label service.

We are members of Level39, Innovate Finance, and Cyberport.  In 2017 we entered Top-10 FinTech list by Deloitte.

How they describe their product/innovation: Our service is based on collecting and elaborating financial flows of banks’ customers in order to provide banks with thorough understanding of their needs, boosting loyalty and increasing engagement rate alongside with transactional activity.

Continuous purchase history of bank’s customers helps us to foresee their needs and make relevant offers via Smart Advice. At the heart of offering is the AI empowered Cashback Programme.

Buying behavior segmentation of banks’ customers attracts suppliers of goods to make tailored offers to their consumers and explore new audience in banking digital channels.

Thus, banks gain new source of income – tangible rewards paid by brands.

Meanwhile all personal data of end-users remains fully anonymous.

Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B), through financial institutions


Bus. Dev.: Billy Leung, Director,, +44 800 310 10 17 #5501, +852 622 744 56
Press: Justin Lai, Sales & Marketing Director,, +44 800 310 10 17 #5502, +852 688 455 44

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