FinDEVrSiliconValley 2016 / Wootrader

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Wootrader helps everyone from first time investors to financial institutions leverage predictive analytics models in stock research. Wootrader’s predictive analytics engine has one goal: find indicators that pick stocks that outperform the S&P 500 and weigh them accordingly. The indicators that Wootrader accounts for include company fundamentals, technicals, analyst estimates, sentiment and options data, and more. In all, Wootrader accounts for over 400 indicators(screeners) and changes each of their weights daily.

Wootrader’s newest platform is FinanceBoards, a system of completely configurable dashboards made up of widgets that can integrate any API data that the user has access to. FinanceBoards will also have access to Wootrader’s predictive analytics models.


FinanceBoards: Bridging the Old and New of the FinTech World Through Customizable API Based Dashboards

First, the presentation will review the current state of FinTech as it relates to stock market information and show the split between aged institutional systems with decades of data history that are very closed and new startups with laser-focused innovative datasets available through APIs that often lack the depth of years-long history. Next, we will review the static investment models backed by long periods of back-testing vs. the new dynamic investing models based on predictive analytics that constantly adapt to the market. Finally, we will reveal the new FinanceBoards platform and how it allows you to integrate any form of data to help you research stocks and the stock market in a single place.

What You’ll Learn

  • The past, present, and future state of the FinTech investing world
  • The new generation of investing models that constantly adapt to the markets
  • How FinanceBoards can bring together a vast pool of innovative FinTech startups’ APIs and how they can be integrated with industry-proven datasets


Atanas Stoyanov, CEO | | 805.405.7249

Father, leading edge software product creator, formerly founder of, active investor, CEO of

Martin Stoyanov, Data Scientist | | 805.338.5379

Son, enthusiastic Pythonista (not about the snakes), taking a gap year before heading to UChicago for economics in 2017.

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