FinDEVrSiliconValley 2016 / Personal Capital

Presenter Profile:

Personal Capital is the smart way to track and manage your financial life. Our award-winning online tools put all of your accounts all in one place – including those not under our management. You’ll get real-time data that uncovers trends and accurately reflects your cash flow. And as fiduciaries, our advisors are legally bound to act in your best interest and will never put their personal financial gain above yours. The result is a complete transformation in the way you understand, manage and grow your net worth – at significantly less cost than traditional financial advisors and with no hidden fees.


Data Driven Account Opening

We are sharing a new way of opening investment accounts. Our app and dashboard allow users to link any financial account (from a credit card to a student loan, 401k, or mortgage), and we apply heuristic and machine learning techniques to increase the quality of aggregated data so users and their advisors can see all accounts and data in one place.

Because we enabled both the user and his/her advisor to see the same holistic financial picture, we transformed the traditional “opening and funding of an account” transaction into a natural conversation about the best way to implement a financial plan, including better portfolio and tax strategies, by moving money from a held away account to an on-us account. We use rich personal financial data to make account opening as seamless as possible.

What You’ll Learn

  • As a user, I want the system to use my aggregated financial data to create an actionable financial plan.
  • As a user, I want the system to leverage all of the financial information it has about me and my behavior to make the account opening seamless and collaborative.
  • As a product manager, I want the account opening forms to have personality and be organized in bite-sized conversations to keep users engaged.


Ehsan Lavassani, Founding Engineer & Chief Engineering Officer | @EhsanLavassani |

Ehsan Lavassani is Personal Capital’s Chief Engineering Officer and its first employee. He architected Personal Capital’s core systems from the ground up and formed its world-class engineering team. Previously, he was one of the main architects of RSA’s Adaptive Authentication system.

Ravi Gundlapalli, Director of Engineering, Frontend | @ravgundla |

Ravi Gundlapalli is the Director of Engineering at Personal Capital. He loves all things javascript and has led UI development for Personal Capital since the firm’s inception. Ravi has been working in the advisory industry for 10+ years and truly believes in Personal Capital’s mission – Better Financial Lives For Everyone.

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