FinDEVrSiliconValley 2016 / Cognitect

Presenter Profile:

Cognitect builds next generation information systems to solve sophisticated problems. We take a data-first approach to building software and have created critical tools, such as Clojure and Datomic, to be able to achieve breakthrough results. Our innovations power the core of the world’s leading brands and industries – 14 of the top 50 global leading companies use Cognitect technology. Our deeply experienced team of architects and engineers have worked directly with many of the largest financial institutions and the hottest fintech startups.


Auditability: Don’t Bolt it On. Build Systems that Never Forget, using Datomic

Cognitect believes that data is the most valuable asset for modern businesses, especially for financial services firms. Unfortunately, most companies have locked away a lot of those assets in multiple datastores and are missing the most valuable part: the history of that data and the stories that history could tell you about how your business arrived at today. Cognitect couples our proprietary database (Datomic), with its accumulate-only approach to data and built in auditability, with a proven approach to developing robust, distributed systems to allow firms to innovate quickly and create valuable streams of information and knowledge from their data assets.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to solve your auditability problem and know the full history of your essential data without sacrificing your existing storage investments
  • How to process high volume transactional throughput with the ability to run analytics against live data while not impacting read or write performance
  • How Cognitect has used proven development processes to help major financial services and fintech organizations build systems that allow them to agilely respond to the needs of their business


Timothy Baldridge, Software Engineer | @timbaldridge | | 919.283.2748

Some people get excited about fast cars. Tim gets excited about fast code. Nothing makes his day more than when someone asks him to improve the performance of an inner loop. He believes strongly that only by understanding all layers of modern computing can a programmer completely be aware of the consequences of their code.

Jenn Hillner, Sales Lead | @JennHillner1 | | 919.283.2748

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