FinDEVrSiliconValley 2016 / ABBYY

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ABBYY technologies capture, transform, and action information from any channel or data source, enabling our customers to provide differentiated solutions that accelerate revenues, improve customer engagement, and automate transactions. Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, ABBYY products identify text, language, data, and relationships, while transforming context into meaningful data. We are a global company that sets the standard for content capture with innovative language-based technologies that integrate across the information lifecycle. Our products run on over 100M devices worldwide and are used by many of the world’s most recognizable brands. ABBYY solutions optimize mortgage processing, new account openings, accounts payable, accounts receivable, proof of identity, and proof of income solutions for leading global financial institutions.


How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Are Creating New Revenue with Mobile Solutions

ABBYY will be demonstrating how machine learning and artificial intelligence provide you the opportunity to unlock customer information and data from customer provided documents and communications. We will demonstrate the latest release of our receipt capture technology that transforms static information contained within paper and electronic receipts into actionable data. This data can be used for purchase analytics, loyalty programs, new customer service offerings, and spend analysis. Additionally, as part of this demonstration, we will demonstrate our AR-capable real-time recognition and other on-device mobile data capture capabilities that enable you to improve your services and offerings via the mobile channel.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the context of your customer data
  • Build personalized buying experiences and post-transaction customer intelligence
  • Action information by capturing and transforming data that you already collect from your clients


Derek Gerber, Product Marketer, ABBYY | @gerbzman38 | | 949.370.4351

After leaving CNN in 2011 and helping sell a successful ECM provider in 2015, Derek joined ABBYY to coordinate international lead generation campaigns as a product marketer. He earned his B.A. in business economics from UC Irvine. His opinions have been published as best practices in the technology and marketing industries.

Khoi Le, Developer, ABBYY

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