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VALid from ValidSoft Uses Voice Authentication

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ValidSoft took the stage next to demonstrate its voice-based authentication technology:

“Our product can protect M-banking transactions from all of the attacks that affect Internet banking today, while using out-of-band, real-time voice based authentication, and transaction verification. A smart phone contains multiple channels, both voice and data. Therefore the concept of channel separation, critical for the detection of manipulated transactions caused by Man-in-the-Mobile-Browser or phone resident Trojans, is fully supported.

Our product as used for Online Banking, with all the same visible and invisible protection, including Pseudo Device Theft, is configured specifically for mobile banking usage. This means no keying of OTPs into the phone, and even a completely hands-free model using speech recognition if required. Biometric voice verification can also be layered for even greater security. Our product combines usability, portability, and security that will drive the adoption of M-banking.”

Product Launched: September 2011

HQ Location: London, UK
Company Founded: 2003
Metrics: ValidSoft was acquired by Elephant Talk in March 2010 for a combination of Elephant Talk stock plus warrants. For details, see the Elephant Talk Annual Report.
Presenting Patrick Carroll (CEO) & Emmanuelle Filsjean (Global Head of Marketing)