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Trusona Launches #NoPasswords for Salesforce

Trusona Launches #NoPasswords for Salesforce

Ending the Password Paradigm is near the top of everyone’s technology wish list. This helps explain the enthusiasm for companies like cybersecurity specialist Trusona. During his Best of Show winning demonstration at FinovateFall 2016, company founder and CEO Ori Eisen, led an entertaining introduction to a world without passwords.

“You’re going to see the quickest demo of the day. If you blink you might miss it. For that reason, I’m going to do it a few times,” Eisen said. He then showed – seven times in seven minutes – how the company’s Trusona Essential solution enabled frictionless, password-free login. Using the free mobile app, Eisen demonstrated how the camera on a smartphone could be used to scan a unique QR code generated from a Trusona-secured website. After scanning the QR code the user receives a notification which, when confirmed, grants access.

“Why do we need passwords?,” Eisen asked the Finovate audience. “All these breaches and malware are trying to steal passwords because they are static. If we turn every interaction into dynamic, there is nothing to steal.”

Pictured: Trusona CEO and founder Ori Eisen demonstrating the Trusona Essential service of the  Trusona Cloud Identity Suite at FinovateFall 2016.

This week we learned that Trusona’s #NoPasswords revolution has been brought to the shores of Salesforce. The company unveiled Trusona for Salesforce on Thursday, a new, free app that will accelerate the authentication process for professionals at the more than 100,000 companies that use Salesforce every day.  “From our #NoPasswords Essential solutions, through the world’s first and only insured Elite solution that delivers NIST Level 4 (four-factor) authentication, we are working to expand our technology to fit the security needs of all organizations,” Eisen said. He added, “We are excited to now offer Trusona for Salesforce as yet another tool to rid the world of passwords and provide secure identity authentication.”

Much like the demonstration of Trusona Essential at FinovateFall, Trusona for Salesforce provides users with a unique QR code that is scanned and tapped to log-in. Once integrated by a company’s Salesforce administrator, anyone with a Salesforce account at the company can access the technology. Trusona for Salesforce is currently available on a free, trial basis for 14 days and will cost users $10 a year afterward.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Trusona demonstrated its Cloud Identity Suite at FinovateFall 2016. The technology provides three levels of service (see below) that enable Trusona to provide secure authentication for everything from basic daily login to more sensitive environments including SWIFT wires, HNW individual accounts, critical infrastructure logins, and healthcare records. All three solutions – and Trusona for Salesforce – leverage Trusona’s TruSanAR anti-replay technology, specifically designed to prevent session replay attacks.


  • Proves identity via email verification
  • Provides free, two-factor authentication


  • Proves identity via remote driver’s license and/or passport scanning
  • Provides three-factor authentication designed for account openings, wire transfers, system administrator logins


  • Proves identity via multiple forms of ID, including driver’s license and ePassport.
  • Provides four-factor authentication for critical and sensitive assets that is insured by A+ rated insurance carrier at up to $1 million per transaction

Trusona has raised $8 million in funding and includes Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers among its investors. The company added Karen Dayan as Chief Marketing Officer in April, the same month Eisen was named to the One World Identity (OWI) Top 100 Identity Leaders for 2017. The company began the year winning Info Security’s Products Guide Global Excellence Award for Tomorrow’s Technology Today.