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TIBCO Gives FIs A Real-Time View of Customer Activity For Better Offer Targeting


Second, TIBCO took the stage to show how FIs can send their customers more personalized offers:
“TIBCO is demonstrating a series of real-time events of a customer (e.g., proximity to a merchant, salary being deposited into account, browsing of offers, booking a flight, reserving a hotel, etc.), how these events are tracked, and how relevant contextual offers are sent to the customer in real-time.
The bank can then track a complete, real-time, 360-degree view of the customer via an interactive dashboard. TIBCO will simulate external events (e.g., location, proximity, etc.) and will demonstrate real-time interactions via a mobile device and the merchants’ view of opportunity streams on the dashboard.”
Product Launch: November 2012
HQ: Palo Alto, CA
Founded: 1997
Metrics: 2011 review: $920M; worldwide offices: 70+; offices in over 25+ countries; 3,000+ employees; 4,000+ customers; 200+ partners
Finovate demo video: Demo videos will be posted next week
Introducing San Zaw (Senior Solutions Consultant) and Phil Scanlon (Director, Client Solutions)