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Mootwin Enables Users to Better Manage Mobile Apps

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Later this morning, Mootwin demonstrated how its technology helps clients create and manage mobile apps:

“Mootwin’s patented technology offers a “one stop shop” value-added solution for all customer-centric mobile needs. It consists of one tier of native application on a mobile device and two tiers of transactional data access on the middleware platform (the Mootwin Foundation). No sensitive data is stored in the device.

The value proposition is based on the ability to: 
• Easily connect devices to enterprise information system 
• Manage and guarantee secured, resilient and reliable links 
• Complete any transaction 
• Manage scalability
• Push real-time content.”

Product Launched: February 2011

HQ Location: Palo Alto, CA USA and Paris, France
Company Founded: February 2008
Metrics: $7.5 million raised

Presenting Claude Lemardeley (CEO) & Nicolas Gruet (VP of Channels)