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What Does it Take to Be in the Audience of FinovateFall?

With four days of fintech demos, discussions, and networking, FinovateFall is our largest show yet (there’s still time to reserve your spot). Starting September 11 we’ll host two days of demos showcasing the newest in fintech, then launch into thought-provoking keynote and panel discussions from September 13 through 14. It’s all taking place at the Hilton Midtown Manhattan in New York.

The show is only two days away, and we’ve gathered a massive audience of fintech and banking players, media, and VCs from across the globe:

So what does it take to be a part of the audience at FinovateFall? Getting your ticket is the easy part. Now here is your attendee checklist for the week:

  1. Find the right outfit– should you dress up in a full suit or dress down with Chuck Taylors, jeans and a blazer?
  2. Remember your business cards
  3. Clap at least 36 times per day– once for each demo
  4. Hold off on the second round of dessert. The lemon cheesecakes are tasty, but if you eat the second one you may not be able to fit into tomorrow’s pants.
  5. Try not to be obvious when looking at someone’s badge because you didn’t remember their name the first time
  6. Keep up with all of the incoming LinkedIn requests (congratulations: you’re so popular!).
  7. Select your favorite demo for Best of Show. With so many good companies, it’s difficult to choose.
  8. Decide between wine or beer at happy hour. Wine can potentially stain your shirt but beer might fill you up too much (see point number 4). Teetotalers, don’t get off easy, either. Water, soda, coffee, tea … we’ve got plenty of choices to keep you hydrated during happy hour, as well.
  9. Try not to get so distracted by the free coat check that you lose your claim tag.
  10. Remember your hotel room number (it’s a prime number… is it 317 or 357?).

Think you have what it takes? Then join us!