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SuperMoney Launches Auto Loan Offer Engine

During the debut of their loan offer comparison tool at FinovateSpring 2017 in May, SuperMoney promised more to come. “Our goal is to extend the framework we developed into all lending-related verticals initially,” SuperMoney CEO Miron Lulic explained, “and then to other financial services where consumers can benefit from apples-to-apples comparisons and transparency.”

Last week SuperMoney embarked upon this expansion with the unveiling of its auto loan offer engine. With 20 participating auto lenders on board, SuperMoney is now able to offer comparisons between secured and unsecured loans, refinancing, and private-party auto loans all from the same platform. This means that potential auto loan borrowers can submit one online loan application and get multiple auto loan offers to choose from. Calling the traditional auto financing model “antiquated,” Lulic emphasized the ease of use of SuperMoney’s technology. “These days buying an airline ticket is fast and easy. We’ve brought that same great comparison shopping experience to the auto loan industry.”

Pictured (left to right): SuperMoney CEO Miron Lulic and Managing Partner Harry Langenberg demonstrating the SuperMoney loan offer engine at FinovateSpring 2017.

SuperMoney’s auto loan comparison engine adds a new element to the car buying experience, essentially giving car buyers the opportunity to “negotiate” over the price of financing instead of just being able to haggle over the price of the car itself. “Paying a high interest rate can cost you many times more than what you’re likely to shave off the purchase price of your vehicle, regardless of your negotiating skills,” Lulic added. He used the example of a 60-month loan with a 3% APR compared to the same loan with an APR that was twice as large. The difference over the life of the loan was more than 10% of the car price.

The problem, according to Lulic, is the lack of transparency combined with a misunderstanding of the how auto financing works. “Dealerships can hide interest hikes behind longer terms precisely because they know most borrowers focus on the monthly payment amount, not the overall cost,” Lulic noted. SuperMoney’s auto loan offer engine is free and uses a soft pull to avoid affecting the applicant’s credit. Borrowers can search and compare offers based on total cost and monthly payment, as well as get a breakdown on additional fees such as origination fees and any prepayment penalties. Among the platform’s lending partners are AutoPay, Springboard Auto, and USAA.

In a conversation with AutoFinanceNews, Lulic underscored the value of the solution to subprime consumers who have limited – and often expensive – options when it comes to financing a car. Between a lack of understanding about personal finance and their own income challenges, subprime auto buyers are those who have the most to gain from a solution that brings transparency to the financing experience. “We can bring these direct lenders to the table who give some more savings on these interest costs than if they just went to some used-car dealership and took whatever high interest-rate loan that was offered to them,” Lulic said.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Santa Ana, California, SuperMoney demonstrated its loan offer comparison tool at FinovateSpring 2017. Read our Finovate Debut post introduction to the company from earlier this year.