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Striata Launches Paperless Adoption Technology

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Starting off the final session, Striata launched eConsent:

“Striata will demonstrate its paperless adoption technology, which moves the control of paperless conversion into the hands of the biller – no longer relying on the customer to proactively enroll and switch off paper. This results in optimal adoption and faster ROI.

Banks and financial institutions invest heavily in online initiatives aimed at reducing paper, but struggle to get customers to adopt their technology. To achieve ROI on paperless solutions, innovation at the adoption point is crucial. Our innovative adoption techniques not only completely eliminate the registration barrier but also enable customers to switch off paper in just one click.”

Product Launched: February 2012

HQ Location: New York, NY
Company Founded: February 1999
Metrics: Privately owned/investment trust, 13 years of revenue growth and profitable for the past 11 years, 100+ employees

Presenting Michael Wright (CEO) & Tamara Hanley (Global Marketing Manager)