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SigFig Buys SmartWealth from UBS

Wealthtech company SigFig announced a big purchase today. The San Francisco-based company bought SmartWealth roboadvisory technology from UBS for an undisclosed amount.

In a memo, UBS’ Eva Lindholm, head of Wealth Management U.K., and Reto Wangler, chief operating officer of Global Wealth Management, said the company found “limited short-term potential” for SmartWealth after launching it in 2017. The SmartWealth technology was aimed to serve wealthy investors, requiring a minimum investment of $19,500. Though the Swiss bank originally aimed to expand the roboadvisory service, a management reorganization resulted in a redistribution of resources, ultimately cutting off funds for SmartWealth.

Under the sale, SigFig will receive the SmartWealth technology (not the clients). “We’re pleased, however, to have entered into an agreement to sell the intellectual property relating to UBS SmartWealth to SigFig – a financial technology firm that we have an equity stake in and with whom we’ve been working for two years in the U.S.,” the memo added.

SigFig CEO Mike Sha said, “This acquisition underscores our strong, growing relationship with UBS, as we work together to provide better digital financial solutions to advisors and their clients.” UBS has been working with the fintech for the past two years. “We saw this deal as a perfect opportunity to quickly establish a veteran technology team and UK compliant offering,” added Sha.

Launched in 2007 under the name Wikinvest, SigFig is a wealth-tech pioneer with more than $114 million AUM. Co-founder Parker Conrad debuted the company’s Actionable Advice offering at FinovateFall 2011. Earlier this year, the company closed on $50 million in funding, bringing its total capital to $117 million.