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Sandstone Launches Mobile Banking App

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Next, Sandstone showed how even small financial institutions can have a presence in the app store:

“Sandstone will be showcasing its next generation mobile banking app that contains sophisticated money management/ OFM tools, the latest anti-fraud and security measures, and advanced user experience capabilities. 

Using the latest html5 technology, the app can be developed once and then delivered seamlessly across many of the popular smart phone app stores to run on nearly all smart phone devices. The registration process for the app locks the user to the device while page-fingerprinting technology ensures that fraudulent users will not be able to connect to the secure server.”

Product Launched: February 2012

HQ Location: Sydney, Australia

Company Founded: June 1996

Metrics: Privately owned, offices in Australia, Asia and Europe The company grew from 40 employees in 2007 to over 200 employees in 2011. 

Presenting Dom Monty (General Manager, Direct Banking Solutions) & Timmy Alassad (Product Manager, Direct Banking Solutions)