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Refundo to Return Tax Refunds in Bitcoin

Refundo to Return Tax Refunds in Bitcoin

Thanks to a recent partnership with BitPay, clients of tax innovator Refundo can now receivetax refunds in bitcoin.

Taxpayers in the U.S. can opt to receive any portion of their federal and state tax refund back in bitcoin (BTC). Crypto refunds are made through CoinRT, Refundo’s new product that leverages Bitpay’s Payouts.

When a taxpayer submits their wallet address, Refundo will issue them unique account and routing numbers to include on their tax return. After the taxpayer passes KYC, Bitpay will transfer the IRS-issued refund to the client’s wallet.

Bitcoin is a good fit for Refundo, whose target market is underbanked populations, because it facilitates fast transaction times with low fees. It also fits well with Refundo’s other product offerings, including refund advances, refund transfers, and the ability to allow clients to pay for their tax preparation services with their refund.

“Refundo offers several options to help taxpayers receive their tax refunds safer, faster and more conveniently,” said Roger Chinchilla, Refundo CEO. “Adding Bitcoin was a natural fit for our customers who often do not have traditional checking accounts, pay high check cashing fees, and regularly send money internationally. CoinRT enables them to get Bitcoin quickly and easily for one flat fee.”

This isn’t the first crypto tie-up for tax preparers. Earnst & Young and TurboTax both prepare tax claims on clients’ crytocurrency holdings.

Founded in 2011, New Jersey-based Refundo demonstrated its mobile app at FinovateSpring 2013. The app helps independent tax preparers compete with online software by offering a convenient way for clients to submit their tax information.

In addition to today’s partnership with BitPay, Refundo is also teamed up with Stripe for credit card acceptance, and fellow Finovate alum LendUp, which provides short term loans to clients while they wait on their refunds.