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Realty Mogul Surpasses 300 Properties Funded

Real estate investment platform Realty Mogul announced this week that investors have funded more than 300 properties via its platform. The value of the 300 properties adds up to more than $2 billion.

“We are incredibly proud to share that we have now used crowdfunding to finance over 300 properties,” Jilliene Helman, RealtyMogul CEO told, which broke the news. “When I started RealtyMogul six years ago, there was a lot of questioning in the general real estate market about the potential impact of crowdfunding. I think this milestone proves that crowdfunding has become a viable source of funding transactions and also that digital investing is here to stay.”

Having 300 projects funded would be a notable achievement for a private equity firm, and is all the more impressive for a fintech. As Helman pointed out, “There are very few private equity firms in real estate that have financed 300 assets.”

Part of Realty Mogul’s strategy focuses on diversification. Sixty percent of the total properties were multi-family properties, many of which have 100 units or more. In fact, Realty Mogul has 17,383 units across its 300 properties, totaling almost 6 million commercial square feet.

Outlining the company’s plans for the future, Helman said, “Our goal is to continue to grow assets under management by investing in high quality commercial real estate where we like the risk-reward calculation.”

Founded in 2013, Realty Mogul has paid out $100 million to its 175,000 investors. The California-based company most recently demoed at FinovateSpring 2014.