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Q2 Acquires ClickSWITCH for Digital Account Switching Service

Q2 Acquires ClickSWITCH for Digital Account Switching Service

Digital banking services company Q2 is getting a boost today. The Texas-based company announced it has acquired Minnesota-based ClickSWITCH.

As part of the agreement, Q2 will integrate ClickSWITCH’s account switching software-as-a-service solution into its product offerings. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded in 2014, ClickSWITCH offers its 450 financial institution clients an account switching solution for their end customers. The company leverages direct integrations with thousands of employers, payroll providers, and financial institutions to help users switch their direct deposits and automatic payments to new accounts. The client onboarding process, as a result, is simplified significantly.

Q2 anticipates the purchase will help its bank clients attract and retain new primary account holders. “We also believe that with ClickSWITCH we can help our customers provide their account holders with a more streamlined, frictionless experience, by offering an end-to-end digital customer acquisition, onboarding, and account switching solution,” added Q2 CEO Matt Flake.

Q2 will not only benefit from exposure to ClickSWITCH’s client base, but will also offer its existing banking-as-a-service clients more deposits, decreased client acquisition cost, and the potential for growth from an increase in cross-selling.

“As a combined force, we look forward to solving a fundamental issue that banks, credit unions, and fintech companies face – managing the complexity and administrative burden of account switching – by providing the most comprehensive and differentiated digital account switching solution in the market,” said ClickSWITCH Founder and CEO Cale Johnston. “We are delighted to be joining the Q2 team and look forward to delivering best-in-class financial solutions.”

Both Q2 and ClickSWITCH are Finovate alums, having demoed most recently at FinovateWest 2020 and FinovateSpring 2019, respectively.

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash