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Privakey Launches Free Cloud Authentication Service

There’s no such thing as a free lunch– unless you’re a small company looking to eliminate passwords. That’s because digital identity service provider Privakey is making its cloud authentication service available for free, starting this week.

The Pennsylvania-based company is giving away one million authentications per month using its cloud-based technology. This means companies with low site volume will never be charged for the service, but have the option to upgrade to Privakey’s embedded technology.

Businesses can leverage Privakey’s cloud-based service to create a multi-factor login service on their website. To log into the site, end customers enter their email address, provide their PIN or their fingerprint as a biometric, and they are logged in. The same process works for onboarding new clients.

Founded in 2016, Privakey also offers Privakey CX, which is comprised of Mobile and Desktop Libraries and Request Origins, an authentication service that interacts with pre-existing processes. This service comes in handy for custom authorizations, such as a “yes” or “no” response from the client.

To get started with either service, companies can download Privakey’s iOS, Android, or Windows app and follow the OpenID Connect Protocol.

Privakey showcased its password-free authentication technology at FinovateFall 2017. Last month, One World Identity recognized the company as a top influencer in the identity sector. Privakey is self-funded by its parent company, Probaris Technologies, which has invested almost $4 million in the company. Charles Durkin is co-founder, president, and CEO.