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Planwise Releases First Mobile App

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PFM platform planwise recently launched an iPad app; its first move into the mobile environment. We tested it out earlier this week.

Our favorites

1) Simplicity of the money in, money out structure
Planwise doesn’t aggregate financial data, so users need to manually enter their financial information. Fortunately, the San Francisco-based startup keeps things simple by limiting input to three items: income, expenses, and debt.
2) Adjustable plans feature
When the user creates a plan, like going on vacation or buying a car, the cash projection is automatically lowered or raised to reflect the impact (see below). We like how easy it is to turn on or off different plans because it allows the user to test multiple “what if” scenarios.
Noteworthy elements

1) Products
Planwise has partnered with Perkstreet Financial to provide users with debit card offers. Here’s what our offer looked like:
And here’s how the offers are calculated:

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2) Alerts
This section contains both positive and negative alerts in the following categories:
    • Critical
    • Warning
    • Suggested action
    • Plan
    • Upcoming events
    • Products/ service
    • Statistics
    • Celebration
Here are some alerts we received
To learn more about planwise, watch its FinovateFall 2011 demo.