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Dwolla Launches MassPay, Enables Users to Pay Up to 2,000 People at Once in Three Steps

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Payments platform Dwolla launched a new feature today called MassPay that will allow users to pay up to 2,000 other Dwolla users at one time.


Here’s how it works

Step 1
The user enters:

    • Their Dwolla PIN
    • The account from which they want draw the funds 
    • Their email address

Step 2
The user uploads a CSV file with two columns, one with the amount they wish to pay, and the other with the payee’s email address, phone number, or Dwolla ID.


Step 3

The user defines which columns in the file are the headers, and which contain the payee and payment amount information.

As with all Dwolla payments, any transaction under $10 is free, and for anything over that there is an additional 25 cent fee per transaction.

To promote MassPay, Dwolla will reimburse your first 5 MassPay batches made through November 30 in exchange for feedback about the user experience.

To learn more about Dwolla, watch its FinovateSpring 2012 and FinovateSpring 2011 demo.