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Ixaris Demonstrates Customizable Card Program in a Box


Ixaris unveiled Opn Cardworks, a solution that allows businesses to set up their own prepaid card:

“Opn Cardworks is the latest and most powerful solution available through Ixaris Opn. Cardworks provides everything a business needs to set up and run its own prepaid card programme: virtual and/or plastic cards, technology, banking relationships, and risk and compliance oversight. We like to think of it as a customizable card programme in a box. 

With Opn Cardworks, companies can bring a card programme to market in just weeks instead of several months. Without Opn Cardworks, businesses would need to identify, develop, and execute each facet of the programme on their own, which can be daunting, time consuming, and expensive.”

Product Launched: February 2012

HQ Location: London, United Kingdom
Company Founded: September 2003
: Over 1 million registered users, over 2.2 million transactions totaling $200 million in volume and generating $13.6 million in revenue, 85 employees, headquartered in London

Presenting Tim Murfet (CIO) & Barbara Durand (Marketing Director)