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oFlows Helps You Go Paperless

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Next up this morning is oFlows, which demonstrated how you can use its platform to go paperless:

“This year we have expanded beyond financial institutions and have made the oFlows technology platform available to everyone. So if you are still using paper for your applications, purchase orders, order forms or just about any other kind of transaction, oFlows can help. 

We take your products, forms and rules and put them into a completely paperless mobile platform that will run the rules, make offers, fill the forms, get them signed and manage all of the required supporting documentation – all from iPads, Android tablets and smartphones. And because oFlows seamlessly integrates with payments systems, you can complete complex transactions or take deposits on the spot. So now you can transact anywhere, anytime without having to lug around a clipboard full of paper forms.”

Product Launched: September 2011

HQ Location: San Francisco, CA 

Company Founded: 2009 
Presenting Scott Pitts (CEO) & Rajesh Jayaraman (CTO)